Certified organic make-up | benecos – natural beauty

Benecos is a German, certified organic cosmetics brand founded in 2008 by Stephan and Silke Becker. They sell trendy, urban and affordable products. I tried out some of their make-up and one of them was really good.

Natural Eyebrow Gel | bought for €5.49 on Ecco Verde

My favorite product type for eyebrows is a tinted gel. It fills in and shapes my eyebrows at the same time, and it doesn’t require much experience to work with.

I have dark hair, so I bought this eyebrow gel in shade Brunette. The product is overall pretty good, but I didn’t like the applicator, the brush is too small for my taste. It’s handy for shaping the tips of your brows, but I personally find it easier to work with a little bigger brush.

This brow gel contains aloe vera, is vegan, and as all benecos products it’s BDIH certified.

Natural Mineral Powder Translucent | bought for €4.99 on Ecco Verde

This is a colorless, mattifying powder that sets your make-up and makes sure you don’t look shiny all day. I just love this product. My skin tends to get pretty oily throughout the day, which really messes up my make-up. This powder gives me a nice and smooth complexion, without making my face look dry or cakey. Definitely a favorite!

Natural Eyeshadow Base | bought for €5.99 on Ecco Verde

This one was my least favorite product. It really didn’t work for me, my eyeshadow started creasing every time after only a few hours. Eventually, I had to throw the product away. I hate wasting things, but I just couldn’t keep using an eyeshadow base that made my make-up look worse.

I’m still looking for a decent eco-friendly alternative to the Urban Decay eyeshadow primer, so suggestions are always welcome.

Thanks for reading and until the next post!

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