tested – HEJ Organic vegan hair care

My hair used to get really greasy, flat and lifeless when I used common drugstore hair products. Then I switched to organic products and that completely changed the whole thing. My hair is softer, shinier, stays clean longer and looks overall healthier.

I’ve tried a couple of different eco-friendly hair care products and my favourites so far are The Hairdresser Everyday Care Shampoo and The Smoother Hair Conditioner by the German brand HEJ Organic. The brand was founded in 2016 in Germany. It combines sustainable cosmetics with a modern design. And as you can see the products look very nice and appealing.

The Hairdresser Everyday Care Shampoo Cactus claims to do the following: give intense moisture, and natural volume and strength. My hair definitely looks hydrated, full and feels stronger. So the results are there. Plus, the shampoo smells so good and fresh.

Its active ingredients are: prickly pear oil that helps to regenerate the cells, prickly pear blossom water that contains a combination of essential fatty acids, grapefruit extract that is a natural antioxidant, and argan oil that makes your hair smooth and soft. I really love this product!

The Smoother Hair Conditioner Cactus claims to do the following: make your hair smooth, shiny and free of frizz. As someone who suffers from terribly frizzy hair, I can honestly say that this conditioner is one of the best ones. It’s light and makes my hair look nice, soft and manageable. It contains the same active ingredients as the shampoo, so the products go together nicely.

Both products are certified by The International Natural and Organic Cosmetics Association NATRUE and by The Vegan Society. Try them, you won’t regret it. I got the shampoo for €12.99 and the conditioner for €7.99 on Ecco Verde.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Until the next one!

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