Tested – Charcoal Toothpaste & Teeth Whitening Powder

Whitening your teeth using charcoal is a huge trend nowadays, so of course I had to try out some products for myself. I tested the CHARWHITE Natural Teeth Whitening Powder and My Magic Mud Peppermint Activated Charcoal Toothpaste.

Both products are very good and quite fun to use. As the for results, it was a little hard for me to see any, to be honest, because I have naturally pretty white teeth. I did enjoy using the charcoal products more than the conventional ones, because they’re definitely much gentler. Which absolutely doesn’t mean that these products are not efficient, because my teeth and mouth were still clean and fresh. Plus, the charcoal products don’t contain harsh chemicals that are very harmful to the environment.

CHARWHITE – Natural Teeth Whitener

This charcoal powder from Germany is pretty famous. It naturally whitens your teeth, using only four ingredients: activated charcoal powder, bentonite clay, organic sweet orange peel, and organic peppermint.

I love coffee and red wine, but they can cause terrible discolouration of your teeth. CHARWHITE comes in very handy in that case. It removes deposits and has detoxifying properties. It’s also perfectly suitable for people with sensitive teeth.

Got mine for €24.50 at Natural You Box.

My Magic Mud – Activated Charcoal Toothpaste

After whitening my teeth with the charcoal powder, I brushed them with this activated charcoal toothpaste from the US. It contains natural ingredients, among which bentonite clay, coconut oil, peppermint, and orange peel. The toothpaste protects the dental enamel, whitens and cleans your teeth, and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Got mine for €11.50 at Natural You Box.

The two products go great together. They’re gentle but efficient, perfect for sensitive teeth, and most importantly, they’re so much safer for the environment. Check them out, you won’t regret it.

With love!

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