City Trip – Lausanne

One of the reasons why I love living in Europe is because I get the opportunity to visit many beautiful places, such as Lausanne, a lovely city in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. Lausanne hosts the International Olympic Committee and is recognised as the Olympic Capital. It’s a nice, peaceful and clean city with amazingly fresh air.

One important thing to keep in mind though, Switzerland is an expensive country and Lausanne is of course not an exception. So if you do plan on visiting it, make sure your budget allows it.

Touch of Organic Beauty

That being said, I do think Lausanne is worth visiting at least once in your life. Personally, I really appreciated the city’s effort to be as wheelchair accessible as possible, despite its very steep roads. For starters, the Lausanne Metro system is one of the most accessible I’ve ever seen. Plus, it’s incredibly efficient and clean. Most of the stores and restaurants we visited didn’t pose any problem for a wheelchair either.

The hotel we stayed at, Hôtel des Patients, was also perfectly accessible. Our Superior Room was pretty large and had a roomy bathroom. And the view from our room was breathtaking! At the hotel, we also got transport cards that allowed us to use public transport for free the whole time we stayed in Lausanne. I’ve travelled quite a lot already, but this was the first time I even heard of something like that. Truly awesome!

One more thing about the hotel. It’s located within the hospital grounds and as its name already suggests, the guests staying there are not only tourists and business travellers, but also patients and their families. The concept is based on the success experienced by the Scandinavian countries. There is no need to worry, we weren’t surrounded by really sick people, as they stay in the hospital of course. Most of the patients we saw were mothers with their newborns. I think it’s definitely an interesting idea.

If you like fresh air, lovely nature and beautiful architecture, then you will love Lausanne. The city has a lot to offer: interesting museums, many shops, great food, often vegetarian and vegan friendly. For example, their McDonald’s offered a curry quinoa burger and it was delicious.

I really enjoyed our trip, especially visiting Lake Geneva, which is without a doubt one of the most stunning sights of the city.

Speaking of food, there are so many places to eat in Lausanne, you’ll definitely not go hungry. The bar restaurant Le Tokyo, for example, was a great place with good food, delicious cocktails and mouthwatering desserts.

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