Apeiron – Auromère Acute Lip Care Lotion

Rating: 10/10

Every year around this period, I get the post-holiday blues and really start to get sick of this cold weather. It’s dark outside, grey, depressing and it’s terrible for my skin and lips. But thankfully there are some great products that can get me through these difficult months and take good care of my skin.

The lip care lotion by the German brand Apeiron, for example, has done wonders for my lips. After every use, they feel incredibly soft and hydrated, and the lotion is also very nourishing. It contains many natural and effective ingredients like jojoba, peppermint and neem oils, shea butter and extracts of Alpine rose and lavender. Some of the ingredients come from controlled organic agriculture, and some from natural essential oils.

Touch of Organic Beauty

This lotion is not only highly moisturising, it’s perfect for the care of sensitive, cracked, flaky and cold sore prone lips and corners of the mouth. It can also help treat and prevent angular cheilitis. These are very common problems around this time of year, so I’m really happy I have this product now.

What I also love about this lotion is that it’s truly suitable for everybody, as it is vegan, gluten-, lactose- and alcohol-free. And because it’s a pretty neutral product with a minty scent, it’s perfectly suitable for men, as well. Plus, it’s cruelty-free and BDIH certified. So, you can take care of your lips and the environment at the same time.

Last but definitely not least, this lotion is totally affordable. If you live in Belgium, you can get it for €8 on Natural You Box. Check it out, your lips will thank you.

Until the next post and have an awesome weekend!

About the brand 🌿 Apeiron is a German natural cosmetics brand. The company combines modern science and traditional ayurvedic knowledge to create a unique organic and holistic line of products. All their products are certified organic, 100% natural, free from synthetic colourants, perfumes, additives, parabens and mineral oils.

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