Meat Alternatives

There has been a lot of attention towards the environment and animal well-being lately, and I think that’s great. However, it’s not enough to just think and talk about it. It’s vital that we, as people, make smarter choices in our life. But it’s also important that you make that choice for yourself, without being forced, judged or shamed into it. You can only make a difference, if you really believe in it. It can be a small thing that can eventually have a huge impact on our planet.

For me, it was the choice not to eat meat anymore. The main reason is because I believe that the meat industry is very bad for the environment. I do still eat fish and I realise that a lot of people will consider me a hypocrite for that. But I come from a culture where meat is the main ingredient and I liked eating it, so giving it up was a big deal for me. And keeping fish in my diet makes it easier for me to maintain that lifestyle. For the moment at least, because I would like to go fully vegetarian, when I’m ready for that.

The great thing about living in our day and age is that there are many delicious alternatives to meat. I tried two new things last week and I loved them!

Boni Selection – Veggie Schnitzels

Boni Selection is a small, Belgian brand that offers affordable groceries. Unfortunately, I think it’s only available in Belgium. The brand has a range of vegetarian alternatives, like these schnitzels. I ate them with rice and some sautéed vegetables and it was delicious! The schnitzel tasted kind of like chicken, so it would also be perfect for non-vegetarians. You wouldn’t know the difference! My little sister really liked it and she’s a diehard carnivore.

Garden Gourmet – Veggie Burger Deluxe

Garden Gourmet was established in Israel in 1986 as Tivall. The brand was taken over by Nestlé in 2017 and was fully rebranded. It now offers many different, creative and delicious meat substitutes. If I’m not wrong, their products are available worldwide. I already tried their sausages and meatballs and they were great. The latest thing I tried are these veggie burgers. I had them with spaghetti and I loved it! They tasted a little like falafels and not exactly like burgers though, so if you’re not crazy about falafel, you might not like it. But you should definitely try it.

Thanks for reading! Make better choices for the planet and bon appetit!

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