Beautiful Zürich

As I’ve mentioned in the About section, I love travelling! So besides reviewing my favourite cosmetics, I will also be sharing with you my latest adventures. Now sit back and enjoy the ride!

My sister chose to write her thesis in Switzerland, so that gave us the perfect opportunity to visit Zürich. We stayed at the Josephine’s Guesthouse (Women Only), which was very close to the city centre. But seeing as I have a physical disability, I had hoped it would be more accessible than it was. It was also not very hotel-like, so if you’re looking for something more comfortable, I would advise staying somewhere else. Especially if you’re in a wheelchair.

28308746_10213332830908497_1875867970_nAs for Zürich, I really recommend visiting it at least once. It’s a gorgeous city with amazing landscapes and such beautiful nature. They have so much respect for the environment, the water that runs through the city is basically clear. Another thing that I loved is that there are many natural cosmetics and whole food stores. I’m really hoping other cities will follow their example soon.

Of course I have to mention the food, which was delicious! If you ever get there, you have to taste the Zürcher Geschnetzeltes with Rösti, a yummy local dish with sliced veal in a creamy sauce. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to taste the fondue, which is also very famous there. But we ate some good cheeses, so that counts for something.

28313095_10213332831188504_1526714598_nSpeaking of local specialties, boy did I eat a lot of chocolate! There are many different kinds and it’s all really good. I especially enjoyed the white chocolate with blueberries we bought, even though I really don’t like white chocolate. And yet, I must disagree with the claim that Swiss chocolate is the best in the world. I personally think, and my mother and sister agree, that Belgian chocolate tastes way better. Especially when it comes to pure chocolate, without any fruit or nuts. So if you get a chance, definitely taste some!


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